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'An irresistible collective energy shows a different image of Palestine through a vital cheerful dance. In barely an hour, Badke delivers a wonderful and astonishing dance performance performed by ten Palestinian dancers.'

Badke 2013, Jean-Marie Wynants, Le Soir

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A remix is ​​an edited version of an existing song. Badke(remix) is a remake of the dance performance with 10 Palestinian dancers that toured worldwide between 2013 and 2016, created by Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres and Hildegard De Vuyst. The reissue of Badke is now artistically in Palestinian hands, namely Amir Sabra and Ata Khatab, and becomes Badke(remix).

The title is a conscious reversal of dabke, the name of the Palestinian folk dance and the starting point of the performance. With backgrounds in traditional dabke, contemporary dance, hip-hop, capoeira or circus, the Palestinian performers bring a contemporary version of this dance that is traditionally reserved for (wedding) parties.
Badke(remix) displays a zest for life and passion for dancing as a form of resistance.

In Badke(remix), a contemporary version of the vernacular, non-academic variety is chosen, an explosion of joy, a lively physical expression that speaks of connection, an affirmation of belonging somewhere. This kind of collective physicality is hardly encountered in contemporary dance with its emphasis on individuality and reflection. At the heart of the 'social' dabke is something unique that Palestinian dancers can proudly show off to the rest of the world.

But Badke(remix) is not a search for lost authenticity. That is why the makers also integrate globalised forms of popular 'art' such as capoeira, circus, hip-hop and even references to Walt Disney films. Badke(remix) thus becomes a vital form of collective 'belonging somewhere' in a globalised context, while also expressing the desire to be part of the world beyond. How much contemporary information can the dabke tolerate? Can you put a different spin on this almost canonised folk dance? How flexible is the tradition? And how can you question folk dance without driving the people away? These are questions that arise.

Moreover, under the occupation, togetherness often becomes compulsive while mutual tensions fester under the skin; social control is often crippling to individual aspirations; the profession of dancer is scarcely rated higher than that of sex worker (and there are none!). Not to mention the violence that is the order of the day. Throughout the festive surface of Badke(remix), that other reality permeates, like cold gusts of wind through the chinks of a poorly insulated house. But in the end, the thought still prevails: we're not going to let anyone tell us what to do. We will dance until we drop.



choreography Amir Sabra en Ata Khatab
dance en creation
10 palestinian dancers
soundtrack Naser Al-Faris, bewerking door Sam Serruys
based on Badke 2013 of
Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Hildegard De Vuyst

production laGeste | Stereo For Arts & Culture
A.M.Qattan Foundation, KVS
with the support of
City of Ghent, Flemish Authorities and the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure through Flanders Tax Shelter

calender (2)


We 11.06.25

Brussels (BE), KVS

Th 12.06.25

Brussels (BE), KVS

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duration 1h (without break)

on tour If you want to programme this performance, contact Sepehr


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