O amor natural

Andrew Graham
laGeste & l'Autre Maison

The starting point is to explore the notion of 'disability’ or 'defect’ beyond the semantic boundaries assigned to it,and stretch it to gender and sexuality.

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O amor natural is a show by choreographer Andrew Graham with eight dancers about sexuality and disability.
His experience with Candoco Dance Company (London) and l'Autre Maison (Marseille) inspires Andrew Graham to bring crip and queer bodies together. He creates choreographical poems about touch, consent and disability as a constraint imposed by society. 



We start from eight performers. In his imagination, Graham sees a HIV-positive woman, a muse of colour, a sex worker, a sexual assistant, a dancer with wheels, a blind dancer, someone who knows sign language, an older dancer, non-binary or intersex. Importantly for Graham, each person carries and brings a world with them.

Graham also counts on the participation of the laGeste choir. This group of volunteers formed in 2019 in the run-up to Mein Gent. Directed by Steven Prengels, the choir consists mainly of white over-60s with a majority of women. Composer Prengels, who previously created the soundtracks for many different performances of Alain Platel, is being asked to create a soundscape for O amor natural. The choir will not be a live presence in the performance, but singing bodies will be present via image.

For image and scenography, Graham plans to continue his long-running conversation with Vera Martynov. Martynov is a multidisciplinary artist, with training in and a penchant for scenography, and was also the driving force behind several innovative arts centres: The Gogol Centre and New Space. This Ukrainian Russian had to leave behind everything she had built up in Moscow and St. Petersburg and lives in exile in Marseille.



Premiere december 2024

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