laGeste = les ballets C de la B + kabinet k

laGeste focuses on the body, dance and inclusion in the form of productions, residencies and workshops.

about laGeste


Each project is "un monde des possibles" populated with a diversity of bodies. Bodies carry a history. They can be weighed down by it, scarred by it, permeated by it to every pore. But a body is not a prison, a scar not a condemnation. The body also holds the promise of transformation. Bodily practices emerge from that deep connection between place and time, between individual and community. We prefer movement, produced by that connection, to words, but without excluding language.

The body is a battlefield on which the great social battles are fought.

Cisgenders versus fluids, the enterprising versus the unproductive, the excellent versus the limited, the identitarians versus those who think they can become anything and anyone, the privileged versus the decolonised, the old scarred by historical traumas versus the young threatened by ecological disasters, the haves versus the have-nots.

This polarisation has increased enormously in the last five years, and intensified in times of pandemics and other crises. With our work, we hope to create temporary spaces where we can bridge the gap between people again.

We are building an inclusive narrative, not on the margins, but right at the heart of what we do. We aim for diversity and mixability at all levels. We would like to see more reality in the represented bodies and at the same time fight for the possibility of transformation, play and poetry, of singing our way out of the boxes we keep each other in.

the place


ADDRESS / office
Bijlokesite, Bijlokekaai 7
B - 9000 Ghent
Tel. + 32 472 09 15 81
BE 0432 292 772

by car
Take the exit Ghent-centre. At the fork “Ghent Centre – Other Directions”, follow “Other Directions” (Alle Richtingen). Turn left after 100m (at the traffic lights beneath the motorway). You are now on the ring road. Follow the indications “N90/Eeklo”. Continue straight ahead across the Sint-Lievenslaan, then Citadellaan and the Charles de Kerchovelaan. After crossing the water, you are in the Godshuizenlaan (100m) and you can see the Bijlokesite on your right-hand side. Turn right at the traffic lights (Bijlokehof 25m) and again right in the Jozef Kluyskensstraat. Continue until you reach the water. If you now turn right, you arrive in the Bijlokekaai. Our offices are located at number 7.
There is a parking place in the Jozef Kluyskensstraat (entrance of the conservatory) or in the Godshuizenlaan.

by foot
starting at the station of Ghent St. Pieters (15 minutes walk):
Cross the Maria-Hendrika Square and turn right: this is the Koningin Elisabethlaan. Walk straight ahead. The Koningin Elisabethlaan then turns into the the Kortrijksesteenweg: walk this street until the end. At the crossing, turn left in the Ijzerlaan. The second street on your right is the Bijlokekaai. laGeste is located at number 7, 200m further on.

by public transport
starting at the station of Ghent St. Pieters (5 minutes on the tram):
Take tram 1 direction “Korenmarkt” in the tunnel of the St. Pietersstation and get off at the stop “Nassaustraat”. Cross the intersection and turn left until you reach the water (Godshuizenlaan). The Bijlokekaai is immediately on your right-hand side. Our offices are located at number 7.

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Studio laGeste

Studio laGeste is the well-equipped workplace for creation with a large playing area where daylight or blackout can be chosen. There is space for directing and storage of technical material. Lounges and showers, kitchen and terrace make it a real home, in the middle of the city. Above all, it is an inspirational place.

More info about the use of the studio:

technical rider >

/ Studio laGeste
Bijlokesite, Bijlokekaai 7
B - 9000 Ghent

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Atelier laGeste

Atelier laGeste, on an industrial site on the edge of town, is an inclusive workplace equipped for people with disabilities. The studio is ideal for rehearsals that require little technical supervision, and workshops.

More info about the use of the studio:

technical rider >

/ Atelier laGeste
Nieuwevaart 118 / F007
B - 9000 Ghent
routediscription (google maps) >

who is who


artistic coordinator & dramaturge
Hildegard De Vuyst


Sepehr Sharifzadeh


Herwig Onghena (business leadership)
Nicole Petit (administration en personnel)
Kasper Claeys (business-finance officer)

communication & press

Caroline Eliano


Valerie Desmet
Marieke Cardinaels


Serge Vandenhove (technical administrator)

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Board of administrators

Chris De Meerleer, Ilse Jansoone, Marian Decroos, Paul Kerstens

. . . . . . . .

General Assembly

Bruno Lietaert, Chris De Meerleer, Herwig Onghena, Ilse Jansoone, Kasper Claeys, Marian Decroos, Paul Kerstens, Stefanie Van Biesen

the renovation


Renovations Maternity

The time has come, the Maternity department of the Bijlokesite is going under renovation.
laGeste is accommodated with its offices on the first floor of Maternity of the Bijlokesite in Ghent. In October 2023 we will temporarily move to the spaces above Studio laGeste, right next to Maternity. We are looking forward to a more accessible and sustainable workplace.

You can regularly find more info on the progress of the works here.

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