Lisi Estaras | Pierre Muylle

With Crudo three individual artists decide to engage in a common search for their place in the art world. In this quest, they collide with terms, wrestle with history and search for a common language.

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CRUDO is the collaboration between dancer-choreographer Lisi Estaras, art brut curator Pierre Muylle and visual artist Klaus Compagnie, with a studio in the Zandberg.

What connects them: their interest in art brut or outsider art. Which is the name used to refer to art by people who do not consider themselves artists, art by people with mental disabilities, psychiatric patients, hermits, eccentrics, obsessive collectors, etc.
The term raises many questions. Who defines this position as outsider or insider? Why is it important to create a separate category for people with (mental) disabilities or neurodiverse artists? They are usually referred to as enthusiasts who make obsessive work but with no intention of recognition.

Their work stems from necessity and intuition, without references or frameworks and is considered authentic and spontaneous. But isn't the same true of, say, Van Gogh? In reality, it is always someone other than the artist who labels the work, speaks about it. The artist-with-a-disability is rarely at the forefront.

begins as a lecture but turns into a performance that seeks equivalence. Perhaps Pierre is extremely skilled at danser brut? Or is something visually stimulating happening when Lisi links her monkey mind of thoughts skipping back and forth with drawing? Or is it hilariously enlightening to hear Klaus give an account of the weather and the 'dancer' of the news by which he refers to VRT newsreader Hanne De Coutere?

How refreshing is it to engage as an outsider, unencumbered by rules, history, procedures. Lisi, Pierre and Klaus rehash dance, language and sign, into a playful and colourful new world.



performers Lisi Estaras, Pierre Muylle, Klaus Compagnie
light design Helmut Van den Meersschaut
sounddesign & soundscape Damien Magnette
costume design Ellen Kromhout
dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst

production laGeste
supported by
City of Ghent, the flemish authorities, the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure through Flanders Tax Shelter

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29.08.2024 premiere | 30.08.24 | 31.08.24 at 20.30 at Cirque - Kask as part of Bijloke Wonderland

langue Dutch
duration 50 minutes

Cirque is not accessible by wheelchair

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