Pierre Muylle

As an independent curator and artist, Pierre Muylle works with a wide range of diverse artists in very different contexts. From his search for an adapted way of showing and exhibiting, he created with Zaher, The Crip Academy (in collaboration with Kwint Van Manshoven and laGeste), Tweelink and in his collaboration with Bart Lodewijks, several performances in which he explores the boundaries of the exhibition. In doing so, he from an artistic position resolutely into direct dialogue with the audience and often shares stories, experiences or other associations.

From a long experience in the field of Art Brut and rich collaborations with artists with intellectual disabilities and the studios in which they often work, he has built up an international expertise. As director of the MADmusée in Liège (now Trinkhall museum), he has created monographic exhibitions and publications as well as group exhibitions or collaborations with guest curators for collection presentations. He has substantially expanded the collection and also presented it internationally.

In these different environments with their own characteristic possibilities and limitations, he always manages to find a way to give the artistic position every opportunity. He does so from a concern for the context and a deep belief in that artistic position.

For 20th anniversary of vzw wit.h, Muylle co-curated an ambitious project in collaboration with BUDA arts centre in Kortrijk. The Crip School opened as a performative exhibition to eventually become an international artist residency in which, among other things, a crip manifesto was written.

At September 2023, Middlegate/Tageldimde will open in Geel. A major exhibitions in different locations which he curates together with Philippe Van Cauteren is curating.

update september 2023

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