Mein Gent

Alain Platel & Frank Van Laecke & Steven Prengels
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By making Mein Gent, directors Frank Van Laecke and Alain Platel realize a long-cherished dream they share with each other: to pay tribute to Ghent, the city with which they are thoroughly intertwined. Both Ghent townsmen found each other ten years ago in making music theatre performances. Supported by soundscapes composed by Steven Prengels, they dive with each performance into a most extraordinary universe to tell about the little and the great tragedies in life. Remind Gardenia in 2010 or also En avant, marche! in 2015.

Mein Gent
is popular theatre pur sang and shamelessly rummages through the oeuvre of Romain Deconinck and Eric De Volder. Flirting with all possible boundaries of the genre itself. Pascale Platel, Ineke Nijssen, Gorges Ocloo and Steve De Schepper are surrounded in their quest by a large group of Ghent citizens. Together they wonder whether there is such a thing as the DNA of the Ghentian or a Ghent canon and they guide the audience unabashedly and associatively through their Ghent of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Or to the life of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Playful, funny, hilarious, whimsical, bizarre, moving, sharp, poignant, but above all heart-warming.

Mein Gent
is a performance that unfolds like an operetta. Or what, according to the makers, operetta can be today.



direction Frank Van Laecke and Alain Platel
composition and musical direction Steven Prengels
by & with Pascale Platel, Ineke Nijssen, Gorges Ocloo, Steve De Schepper and
a large group of Ghentians: Anna Micaela Baert, An Colle, André Callaerts, Anne Verspeeten, Anne-Catherine Platel, Annemie Morbee, Annick Detremmerie, Annick Van de Maele, Annie Clement, Bauwke Boogaerts, Bene Lamote, Bruno lietaert, Bruno Vanneste, Carolina Slabbinck, Chantal De Wever, Christelle Cocquyt, Clelia Orsini, Conny Van Landschoot, Deogracias Kihalu, Eddie Devos, Eliane Bonamie, Ellen Maes, Els Cottyn, Erna Van Akoleyen, Evert Schutyser, Fien Sulmont, Gerd De Coster, Hedwig Joos, Helga Laschet, Hilde Van den Daele , Hilde Van Peteghem, Ilan Daneels, Ilse Van der Elst, Inge desmet, Ingrid Van Daele, Isabelle Persyn, Isabelle Standaert, Isabelle Step, Jeanne Pennings, Jeannine Titeca, Jeannot Croes, Jessica Colman,Jo De Visscher, Jos Deraedt, Juki (Thi Diem) Rosiers, Karen De Wilde, Kathleen Ghequiere, Katrien Bogaert, Katrien Bral , Leen Caudron, Lia Claes, Lieve De Wulf, Lieve Fivez, Lieve Lombaerts, Lieven Knockaert, Luc Rogiest, Lut Vandendriessche, Marc Pauwels, Marijs Kempynck, Marleen Roef, Martine Maes, Mia Sonneville, Michaël Vandenbussche, Michel Burez, Mieke Smalle, Moeze (Ann) De Raedt, Monique Schaetsaert , Myriam Vancraeynest, Nelly Massa, Odile Versele, Orin Driege, Patricia Rau, Patty van De Keere, Paul De Loore, Philippe Brunain, Riet Hostens, Rika (Erika) Frans, Rita Meskens, Rosa Valcke, Sabien Verhulst, Sara Decock, Sarah Beel, Simon Voet , Sorena Zolfaghari, Steve De Schepper, Sybille Vanweehaeghe, Tineke Naessens, Veerle de Wulf, Wim Trommelmans, Wine Gits.
dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst
movement coach Tister Ikomo
direction assistent Steve De Schepper
light design Frank Van Laecke, Jan Mergaert
sound design Carlo Thompson
set design Luc Goedertier
costume design Dorine Demuynck
photography Luk Monsaert
set realisation decoratelier NTGent
production management Valerie Desmet, Marieke Cardinaels

production laGeste en VIERNULVIER
thanks to Timeau De Keyser, Guy Dupont and Peter De Bock (Archief Gent), Jacques Dubrulle, STAM (rehearsal room), Heleen Vervondel (sign language), Circus Ronaldo (drum), Isnelle da Silveira
supported by City of Ghent, the flemish authorities, the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure through Flanders Tax Shelter

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duration 1h45
language Ghent dialect- Dutch - French - English - Lingala
no subtitles

when in 2024 from 8.07.24 till 11.07.24 anf from 15.07.24 till 17.07.24 at 20.30
(in 2023 from 28.06.23 till 22.07.23 at 20.00 and 21.07.23 at18.30)

where De Vooruit
tickets via VIERNULVIER


productiefoto's & repetitiefoto's (zw/w) © Luk Monsaert

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'This is exactly where Van Laecke and Platel make the difference, vis-à-vis commercial productions or the more entertaining varieties of popular theatre: in their refusal to stay within one style, one register, one message. There's always another point of vue, conventions are broken, expectations turned upside down.'

"It is a folk theater of the highest order and at the same time a catchy, hilarious and poetic homage to Ghent. Also in the leading role: about sixty ordinary Ghent people.'

'What do we take with us from our shared past and what do we leave behind? Don't expect a Ghent canon, but rather a collage.'

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an interview with Steven Prengels on the musical interpretation for Mein Gent.