Steve De Schepper

Steve De Schepper is a Ghent-based freelance actor, singer and director. He graduated from Ghent Conservatory in 1992 and has since been active as a performing and creating stage artist in a wide variety of genres. A few highlights:

During the Bloedgroep period led by Sam Bogaerts at Theatre Malpertuis, he was part of the regular acting team, with productions such as
Knecht van 2 meesters, Eva Hitler's lief, Prinsessen in de Bossen, De Kikvorskoning, Hommage Heiner Müller, Tsjechow Remix and more.
Also under NTGent, then Het Publiekstheater, he was part of the regular acting team and worked in productions such as
Don Quichot and Het Gezin van Paemel, directed by Herwig De Weerdt, and Death of a Salesman directed by Alain Pringels.

He frequently worked with Frank Van Laecke in musical productions, among others. For instance, he played Professor Zonnebloem in
Kuifje, De Zonnetempel, Pastoor Ponnet in Daens and The Rebbe in Anatevka.
At Opera Zuid, he worked on seven opera productions, in which, besides being a drama coach, he was a language coach for French, but also sang and performed as an ensemble member or as a soloist. For instance, he sang Antonio in Mozart's
Le Nozze di Figaro and played and sang Le Narrateur in Offenbach's Barbe Bleue.
As a film and television actor, he worked with filmmaker Jan Matthys for the television series
In Vlaamse Velden and for the feature film Vele hemels boven de zevende.
He worked at les ballets C de la B as tour manager and artistic assistant to Alain Platel for the productions
Au-Delà, tauberbach, En avant, marche!, nicht schlafen and Requiem pour L.

Later this season, Steve is scheduled to perform the musicals
Snow White and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Deep Bridge International, as well as three productions by his own cabaret collective Les Quatre au Quai, which remain continuously in the repertoire: Alors on Chante, Scène sur Seine and Entre les Lignes.
In addition, Steve will perform in productions of
Sssst! by his own children's theatre company Brutaal Jong and #RDKPJE will be created, also by Brutaal Jong.

Furthermore, Steve is part of the acting core of the new Ghent multicultural theatre company Compagnie couRage, led by Alain Pringels, and can be seen in the productions
Scrooge, Amyr, King Learopold and Mutter couRage.

Pascale Platel stars in Mein Gent (2023), which is directed by Frank Van Laecke, Alain Platel and by composer Steven Prengels.

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