Zélie Mahaux

Zélie Mahaux in promise me (2021).
Zélie plunges hersef into everything. She likes to explore the limits of her own abilities, to look for challenges. In movement, she tries to express what she feels, and that is always a lot. ‘Sometimes I fill myself with feelings in order to express them even better. I love and adore it'. As if she is being moved from within.
Driven by a fire that burns inside her. She has something unearthly and at the same time she has both feet firmly on the ground. A nymph and a fury, united in a spindly, frail, tireless body.

Her word for this performance is love. Because that is in everything, in the dance language and in the way we treat one another. We love each other in what we do together on stage. And also: ‘if you do something dangerous, then you really need someone to love you. If you feel loved, then you can do dangerous things without really being exposed to danger. There are always the others who are close and believe in you’.
Don't forget me and stay close: that's a nice promise, she thinks. ‘Because it is important to be together and to trust each other. Because a relationship without trust is a lost relationship. And also: if you can't promise something, just don't do it.’

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