Lili Van Den Bruel

Lili Van Den Bruel in promise me (2021).
She is more than a foot taller than when she first entered the rehearsal room as a 'player' in kabinet k’s former performance as long as we are playing. Two years later, the child has made way for a young girl. A rose in the bud. She is cool, with her short-cut hair and a look of 'do I know you from somewhere'?

When she moves, you can see her concentration. She is always completely absorbed in what she does, even when she is having a bad day. Doing is more familiar to her than speaking. It is a playful and light risk, she says about promise me. It is about climbing, hanging and - above all - working together.
She thinks that adults' fear of what might happen to children is not always well-founded. Children have quite a lot of control over themselves, she says. Dancing in the performances of kabinet k has made her life busier, and she likes that, because now she is not bored anymore.

'Promise me that everything will be all right': she could ask this of someone, but she never did this. I'm not into promises,' she says, 'I just say I'll do something. Or that I won't do it

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