Ilena Deboeverie

Ilena Deboeverie in promise me (2021).
An outdoor child. Pure nature. You can see her romping in the woods, climbing trees, jumping over streams, building tree houses. She is agile and tall, with a tanned skin and ever alert eyes. She radiates a reckless, curious eagerness. Everything is a challenge.
‘Here, in the room where we rehearse, I can do things that I couldn't and shouldn't do at home’, she says. ‘Things that are risky, like climbing a wall. Or balancing on a high windowsill. Throwing up stones just above your head. I think that's great fun. At home I sometimes do dangerous things, but then secretly’.

She feels that there is a big difference with as long as we are playing from kabinet k, in which she also danced, but she cannot put it into words. She likes both performances equally, because dancing is where she comes home. ‘It's my life', she says, and she wobbles in her chair.
And yes, she thinks keeping promises is important. Especially this one: promise me to be honest.

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