Ido Batash

Ido Batash (°1984) is a dancer and independent choreographer. He graduated from Ostrovsky High School in the dance department, under the direction of Haim Hon, and was a student at the Leah Manor Dance School in Herzalya (Israel). Since 2002, he has danced and performed with various companies, including the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, NDD-Galili Dance, the Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, les ballets C de la B (in C(H)OEURS, 2012 en in nicht schlafen, 2016), kabinet k (in promise me, 2021) and has participated in projects by choreographers such as Idan Cohen, Talia Back and Roy Assaf. Since 2009, he has also started to create his own work.

His pieces have been performed in Europe, Japan and Israel. In 2014, Ego Trip, his collaboration with Anna Reti, was nominated as best work of the year by the Rudolf Laban Institute. In the same year, he received the second prize for his work BodyMagic, as part of Machol Shalem's Choreography Competition.
Since 2012 he has been a resident choreographer at Random Collision; a collective based in Groningen (the Netherlands).
Besides his own artistic work, he also sets up projects in collaboration with other choreographers, artists and scientists from different disciplines. Ido also teaches contemporary dance and gives workshops based on his working method.

Ido Batash in promise me (2021).
He is frail and agile, with a playful and roguish appearance that makes him seem to relate effortlessly to the children. It is his first creation at kabinet k.
Previously, he had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be on stage as an adult dancer with a much younger generation, but this creative process is more intense and challenging, according to him. Right from the start, he had to open himself up to other approaches to the medium of dance. It was a lesson in patience.
‘I had to rediscover my body in relation to smaller bodies. Learning to communicate without words, searching for a dialogue with a child in total equality. I think I succeeded: I never have the feeling that these children are younger or less experienced than me. They constantly surprise me with their frankness and creativity in what they say and do. It's a lot of fun.’
In terms of content, he describes promise me as depicting an infectious 'lust for life'. A celebration of life here and now, with a lot of pleasure, joy, lightness. In close connection with your own body and close to the skin of the others.

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