Inclusive Workshop #6

Anouk Llaurens

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In series 6, choreographer Anouk Llaurens will work with about 20 interested people.

"Through sensorial warm-ups and collective real-time composition games, this series based on Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores, invites us to tune to what I call "the poetic space", i.e. to what is vibrating in and around us. As we listen to the richness and subtlety of our lived experience, we are able to encounter and compose with other ways of seeing and dancing. These practices act on the intimate, artistic and political levels, as eco-somatic explorations that re-inscribe us in an ever changing network of relationships."

The warm-ups activate the attention, the body, the perception and the imagination. Through movement, stillness, touch and listening to our sensations, we explore different body systems such as breathing, muscles, skin or organs and taste the multiple rhythms and dance qualities that are linked to them. Often explorations are also done with the eyes closed to give voice to other senses such as touch, hearing or smell which are more global than sight and often neglected by modern culture. 

During the workshops we alternate between the position of “mover” and “observers”. This changes of perspective allows us to give and receive direct feedback on our actions, our movement proposals. We also use vocal calls from choreographic practices and video editing to act directly on the emerging composition: “Begin”, “Enter”, “Exit”, “Pause”, Repeat”, “Sustain”, “Reverse”, “Replace”, “Redirect”, “End”. In this way we communicate our esthetic opinion and collectively tune the situation to compose a dance.



The workshops are in the hands of several dancers and choreographers with an inclusive practice: Fanny Vandesande, Tijen Lawton, Lisi Estaras, Kwint Manshoven, Seppe Baeyens, Charlotte Goesaert, Arno Ferrera & Gilles Pollet, Saïd Gharbi, Anouk Llaurens.



when serie 6 from 27 May 2023 till 24 June 2023
where Atelier laGeste | Nieuwevaart 118 / S007, 9000 Ghent (free of charge)
accessibility The studio is wheelchair accessible.