Inclusive Workshop #3

Lisi Estaras

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Choreographer for series 3 is Lisi Estaras. Lisi has previously worked on several projects with les ballets C de la B. She continues with the mixability group in her exploration of the physical translation of bouncy thoughts and emotions.

This series proposes the theme of pleasure as a starting point to explore our need to find satisfaction and challenge through movements, situations, fantasy and expression. We will focus on the possibilities of the body and uniqueness in relation to others.

Her work explores the way different bodies, ages, backgrounds and personalities can find a common source of energy and freedom to interact and create a universe.
In this way, they discover the unlimited possibilities of playing. There is a focus on translating our thoughts and emotions into dance, working on body structures, words and everyone's story. We seek the pleasure of dance.



The workshops are in the hands of several dancers and choreographers with an inclusive practice: Fanny Vandesande, Tijen Lawton, Lisi Estaras, Kwint Manshoven, Seppe Baeyens, Charlotte Goesaert, Arno Ferrera & Gilles Polet, Saïd Gharbi, Anouk Llaurens.



when serie 3 from 28 January 2023 till 25 February 2023

where Atelier laGeste | Nieuwevaart 118 / S007, 9000 Ghent (free of charge)
accessibility The studio is wheelchair accessible.