It is with a heavy heart that we have to end the era of the Co-laBo's, which is what we called our residencies between 2017 and 2022. They were limited in time (max. one month) but generous in sharing know-how and support - also financially.
For many creators this made a difference, just ask Nach, Radouan Mrziga or Chokri Ban Chikha who were recently able to take advantage of them to finish editing their new productions and then shine at KunstenfestivaldesArts, at the Halles de Schaarbeek or at NTGent.

The last subsidy round in which laGeste received only 2/3 of the necessary budget put an end to this form of support. Fortunately, we found other ways to help make recent work by artists possible. We are the executive producers of the new production by Brussels-based Cie Tumbleweed, Dehors est blanc. And soon Arno Ferrera & Gilles Pollet will visit us to work on their new production Armour and Arkadi Zaides is working on The Cloud.

That way, we keep the doors open for collaboration and support. Do not hesitate to keep us informed of your artistic plans.
Applications for a residency are made on the basis of a conversation with the artistic director. Please contact Hildegard De Vuyst for more information.

Public previews during the residency are a permanent feature. laGeste gladly invites you to witness this creative process as an audience. You can register via