From 2017, les ballets C de la B, in addition to productions, also focused on development through a residency programme, in the form of Co-labos.
laGeste is keen to further invest in the future of young and ambitious makers by taking them in for a month and offering them financial support, infrastructure and heaps of experience wherever they stand in the development of their project. The biggest difference laGeste can make is in the editing phase.

In the Co-labos, the laGeste team connects with these new makers from a shared practice. The confrontation with other ways of thinking about dance, physicality and representation is essential and nourishes the artist's own reflection on the core of laGeste: the body as the battleground of all major social discussions.

The profiles of the artists can be very broad and diverse. There is a preference for the emotional, visceral, energetic and the wordless, without excluding the conceptual. And extra attention is paid to large auditoriums as a challenge to young artists.

Applications for residencies are made on the basis of an interview with the artistic director. Please contact Hildegard De Vuyst and Joke Laureyns.

Public try-outs during the residency are a fixed component. laGeste is happy to invite you to see this creative process in action. You can register at