Choir laGeste at All Greeks Festival

The Parade of Fire and Abundance opens ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL, a celebration dedicated to Dionysus and Prometheus. All 32 surviving Greek tragedies performed during one city festival from May 1 to June 23.

On May 1 at 9 in the morning NTGent, together with arts centre VIERNULVIER, several urban partners and artists, will open the ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL with the colourful, carnivalesque Parade of Fire and Abundance, and the laGeste choir,under the direction of Steven Prengels, will also be there.

Like the procession that opened the theatre festival in ancient Athens, this parade is dedicated to Dionysos, the Greek god of tragedy, of abundance and rapture, of wine, lust and disorder. A great celebration for all Ghentian satyrs and bacchantes.

Walk along with all the festival participants! Sing and dance with the choirs of laGeste and Mais Quelle Chanson! The procession takes us from the central library De Krook, where the tragedy scripts are kept, to the agora of Sint-Baafs. In front of the city theatre, the festival officially kicks off with the lighting of an Olympic flame, which later travels to all districts of the festival.


when 01.05 - start 9.00
where library De Krook to Sint-Baafs

tickets free

more info via NTGent

laGeste Koor - repetitie in Studio laGeste - © Sofie De Backere
© Sofie De Backere
published on: 11.04.24