Apartheid Free Zone

laGeste on the way to an Apartheid Free Zone.
We no longer want to be complicit in violations of human rights or other international law committed on a continuous basis these days, especially in Gaza.

Twenty countries have joined South Africa in suing Israel for genocide at the International Court of Justice. Not a single European country is among them. Our cheeks colour red with embarrassment. Yet the genocide in Gaza is playing out before our eyes, in real time on social media and documented in all its gruesome details by Al Jazeera, the last channel still on the scene.

Those who can read the images for what they are worth often do not know what to do with their anger and helplessness. Regardless of us hanging up watermelon flags in support, we remain complicit. Because as citizens of this country, we are complicit. Because while this country calls for a ceasefire, it does not use any instrument to put pressure on the Israeli government.

The only way to rid ourselves of this complicity is to support the BDS Movement as Naomi Klein, herself Jewish, explains in great detail in this long article in The Guardian. May we ask you to take the time to read it?
For we cannot explain it any better, or any simpler. BDS: it is so doable. Yet we are not succeeding in starting up a coalition of Flemish theatres, or better: not yet. We are not giving up.

We as citizens or organisations do not have the clout of states, but many citizens and organisations together make a big statement. So add actions to shame and impotent anger, develop a practice that, following the South African example (the boycott against Apartheid South Africa), does have an impact and at least absolves complicity in genocide. We are embarking on a trajectory towards an Apartheid Free Zone. Who will follow?

published on: 14.02.24