Vera Martynov

Vera Martynov is a multi-disciplinary artist (visual art, performance, stage design, and cinematography) based in Marseille.
She grew up in Ukraine and, at the age of twenty, moved to Moscow, Russia, to continue her studies at the Russian Academy of Arts, where she became a professor of stage design five years later.

She co-founded the Krymov Lab and, for ten years, explored and developed a form of Visual Theater, touring worldwide.
She is the founder and artistic director of innovative public art centers: The Gogol Center and New Space became major intermedia hubs. In addition, she curated experimental theater while working as a set and costume designer, video artist, and stage director on her shows with various collaborators.

She also created a series of large-scale site-specific installations and performances in Russia and abroad.
For several years she has been practicing performances with contemporary music, mainly vocal music and choreography, as well as installations with her paintings, sculptures, videos, and objects.
She was also a resident at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center in New York in 2011 and 2013 and received numerous awards for her work.

update 09.2023

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