Téa Mahaux

Téa Mahaux in promise me (2021).
She is the youngest and the smallest. But fierce and fast like a wildcat. With big, round eyes and an uninhibited, slightly cheeky look. Asked for the one word that applies to promise me, she answers: danger. But she immediately adds that it is a 'safe danger'.
She describes her role in the performance as very active, which is what she likes best. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she runs circles around the others, only to sit down from time to time. And to quietly watches what happens around her.
Dancing, ça fait du bien, she says in her mother tongue. Most of all, it makes her happy.

Only once in her life has she asked someone to promise her something, but she can't remember what. Still, she thinks it's important that people keep their promises. Because if they don't, the trust is gone. Sometimes she makes a promise to herself. For example, to be on time at school.

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