Wilde Carnaval Sauvage

Chase away Jack Frost through Ghent's streets!

Join the laGeste choir on 1 March at 17.00 in the Wild Carnaval Sauvage!
Masked and costumed, we will march singing through the streets of Ghent to chase Jack Frost out of the country - and in the process, the dark forces that define the current system. We welcome the light and reconnect with the fire within ourselves so that we can continue to fight for a more just world.

Anthropologically, carnival is an inversion ritual, in which social roles are reversed and norms about desirable behaviour are suspended. Wearing masks was originally linked to the veneration of deceased ancestors: in this way, people hoped to propitiate the spirit of that ancestor. In addition, the masquerade served to put a halt to winter sooner so that summer would make its appearance sooner.

Everyone is welcome to join in! We start at the KIOSK on the Kouter at 17.00 and walk along the water towards De Vooruit. Wild Carnaval Sauvage is part of the festival Women and Children First by arts centre VierNulVier.

published on: 15.02.23