Dance Day

As per annual custom, all over the country, hands, legs and joints are being waved loose on Dance Day, 27 April 2024.

laGeste, Platform-K, WISPER and DEVLOER are therefore jointly organising an accessible event where everyone can experience the power of dance. You are invited to watch and dance with quite a festive day programme in Studio laGeste and in museum STAM.

The day will start with show moments from the various organisations in the hall of STAM.
We will close with a real dance jam and MixabiliPARty led by laGeste, Platform-K and WISPER in Studio laGeste.
laGeste will offer an open floor with an open invitation to get together and improvise. This MixabiliPARty consists of two parts: first, a free dance jam accompanied by WISPER and Platform-K to live music by Stef en Saïf , then we turn it into a dance party with live DJ.

Ballrooms 2 - © Sofie De Backere
© Sofie De Backere

Together we celebrate at our own pace, as long as the rhythm is there!

15:30-17:00 show moments DEVLOER, WISPER and Platform-K, in the hall of STAM

17:00-18:00 Open dance jam (Platform-K and WISPER) with live music by Stef en Saïf in Studio laGeste

18:00-20:00 MixabiliPARty in Studio laGeste dance party with DJs Stef en Saïf


All activities are free of charge.
Everyone welcome.
MixibiliPARty water, coffee and tea will be provided

Studio laGeste | Bijlokekaai 7 | 9000 Gent
STAM | Bijlokesite | Godhuizenlaan 2 | 9000 Gent

published on: 16.04.24