Bijloke Wonderland

In August, from 11 till 28 August, the Bijloke site will again be the setting for the Bijloke Wonderland festival: stimulating concerts at sunrise, theatre and dance in all corners of the Ghent site, literature and summer bar concerts.
This summer arts festival is an initiative of LOD music theatre, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, STAM and laGeste (= les ballets C de la B + kabinet k) in collaboration with Arts Center VIERNULVIER.

The full programme is here:

But below we would like to highlight the performances programmed by laGeste and Arts Center VIERNULVIER:

7 Vies | Nach & Ruth Rosenthal
Fr 19 + Sa 20 Aug (18:00), Bijlokesite KASK Café (terrace)

Monstrare et/ou Monere | Milø Slayers

Fr 19 + Sa 20 Aug (21:00), Kraakhuis

VanThorhout | Alexander Vantournhout
Fr 26 + Sa 27 + Su 28 Aug (18:00), Studio laGeste (12+)

UNRUHE | Groupe Crisis, Nolwenn Peterschmitt
Sa 27 + Su 28 Aug (20:00), Tent Bijlokesite (15+)

published on: 03.08.22