Another Sacre

Alain Platel & Bérengère Bodin - Alumni dans Conservatorium Antwerpen

Another Sacre , the work Alain Platel and Bérengère Bodin created with Bachelor 3 Dance students of Antwerp Conservatory (June '21 batch) will be performed again in November. In Another Sacre, twelve young dancers go all out on Stravinsky's famous composition Le Sacre du Printemps. After a year locked in head and body during Covid-19, Alain Platel and Bérengère Bodin invited them to unleash the guilty pleasures from their personal dance history to the music: house, crump, tango, ballet, folklore... They dance with one goal: to vibrate together. They process everything that has fuelled their love of dance - including what they thought they had to unlearn.

On 1 November in Studio Stuk in Leuven.

3 November in DE SINGEL.  

4 November in DE SINGEL, as part of the benefit evening of Bolster vzw, for the benefit of Antwerp Conservatory students. That evening, choreographer Alain Platel will receive the title Maestro Honoris Causa.

published on: 16.12.22