someone will always be missing

Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven
laGeste (les ballets C de la B + kabinet k)

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Someone will always be missing links twelve dancers in six duets: each time they stand two by two, an adult dancer and a young child, both of Palestinian origin and each with their own background. They live on the West Bank, in Gaza, East Jerusalem, in the camps of Lebanon, in Israel or in Belgium. Each duet starts from an intense encounter and reveals context, stories, tensions and sensitivities. Each encounter is a search for understanding and trust, for mutual connection.

Perhaps they will never all physically share the stage together, given the geopolitical barriers. But the desire is there. It is precisely this desire that determines the dynamics of the performance; absence and loss will colour every performance differently.

With someone will always be missing, Belgian choreographers Kwint Manshoven and Joke Laureyns create a physical performance that spans several generations of Palestinians and interweaves various ways of life. The challenge will be to make the absence present.



direction Joke Laureyns, Kwint Manshoven
dance duets between professional dancers and children from Palestine

production laGeste (Gent)
co-production Freedom Theatre (Jenin), Dansens Hus (Oslo), VIERNULVIER (Gent), TANDEM Scène nationale (Arras/Douai), hetpaleis
With the support of the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter measure through Flanders Tax Shelter

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on tour from November 2023. More information on the touring:


© Kurt Van der Elst | © Kwint Manshoven