Saïd Gharbi

Sais Gharbi was born in Morocco, moves to Belgium with his family in the late '60s. He becomes blind at the age of 14. As youg adult, Said meets flemish choreographer Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez in 1992 while studying at the Braille League. Vandekeybus is looking for blind dancers for one of his productions.

After numerous collaborations with Vandekeybus (1992-2001) Saïd founds the company 'Les BGM' and creates several dance theater pieces together with Ana Stegnar.
His solo performance
Clair Obscur (Les BGM, 2015) was directed by Ivan Vrambout. In 2016, Saïd joins Ultima Vez again- -he plays in the production Mocumentary of a Contemporary Saviour.

Since more than a decade Saïd is involved in dance and theater projects in Belgium and abroad (France, Germany, the Netherlands) and works as actor and/or dancer for various productions for cie Acajou, cie La Coma, Dries Verhoeven. Lately he played in two short films
Music for Bat Caves and Isomo project.

In the last years Saïd participates to pedagogical project : he teaches for Down the Barriers (2013, Tunis), Atelier de transmission pédagogique et d'échange artistique (2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar), Festival de Marseille, Danse et arts multiples (2015), Capacitas (2015, Barcelona) , Festival Potfiction (2016, Germany).

Saïd often gives workshop of sensibilisation to visual impairment for different associations.

update June 2023

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