A dancer, choreographer and researcher with roots in the KRUMP movement, Nach says she explores the world of feelings, of imagination behind reflections, of transcendent expressions, of the body's telling, relevant message, with an almost insatiable hunger.

Dancing, dancing, dancing. Always in motion.
Looking for a blueprint and for extreme precision in the KRUMP movement. A technique long thought to stand in the way of complete release and complete experience. A search for baroque ballet, ancestral postures, bullfighting and butoh, expression of ritual ceremonies. To crystallise the power of the moment. To postpone the climax. The will to convey this is an extension of creation and begins with contemplation. I question the building blocks of creation and its temporality.

After a six-month residency at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Nach immersed herself in her own world of imagination, guilt-free, fearless, unafraid of what could come her way.
Nach danced her first solo Nigra sum, pulchra es by Algerian choreographer Heddy Maalem in 2016. She continued her path and created two solos of her own: Cellule (2017) and Beloved Shadows (2021). With Elles disent, she is venturing into her first group piece.
Nach is an artist and member of the National Choreographic Centre of La Rochelle/Cie Accrorap - Director: Kader Attou.
Artist and member of Lux in Valence for the dance and digital art project - Director: Catherine Rossi-Batôt.
Nach is also connected as an artist to the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National des Hivernales - Director: Isabelle Martin-Bridot.

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