Jules Dorné

Ever since Jules Dorné was little - he could only just walk - he was already dancing and trying to imitate everything that happened on screen. In May 2021, he got the chance to take part in two commercials (BEBAT and Dag Allemaal), and very shortly afterwards he got to star in Daens, the musical. Jules played as many as 70 performances in the role of Junior. He also performed some minor roles in this musical and can be seen on the DVD.
In summer 2022, he voiced the role of the boy Tijn, in the successful stop-motion film De Wraak van Knor; winner of several awards and to be seen in cinemas from February 2023.

Last year, he starred in a short film The Darkness Devours as Jack, a little boy lured into the hands of an evil spirit. As a hobby, he has also played in three children's shows at Theatre Top in Ename.
He loves music immensely, plays the piano and loves to sing.

update January 2023

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