Ferre Vereecken

Ferre Vereecken saw the light of day in the summer of 2010. During his early years, he was already attracted to music and enjoyed performing little shows at home. He was still too young for music school. Fortunately, there was the musical association. So he was already introduced to the wonderful world of singing, dancing and drama through the weekend classes and camps that were organised there.

In addition to weekly lessons, there were also previews and performances. This is how he got a taste for it. His dream was to participate in a musical one day. During the summer of 2021, he and his dad participated in Melvius aan de Lei, a performance on location by Ballet Dommage. Ferre also starred in one of the top musicals: The Sound of Music. The boot camp with big performance for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was also a wonderful and educational experience.

update January 2023

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