Boule Mpanya

Boule Mpanya grew up in Kinshasa. His father loved making music and partying at home.
Boule joined a church choir as a singer. He later formed his first orchestra with his older brother and some friends, mixing pop and hip-hop music. His singing talent led him to other horizons and discoveries, as a gospel singer in a choir or a research music group (alternative music), until he started working with the music group Washiba.

Soon after, he met Paul Kerstens, the coordinator of the KVS's African project in Brussels, who offered him the chance to use his expertise in Fabrizio Cassol and Alain Platel's project Coup Fatal (world tour with more than 100 performances). The collaboration with Alain Platel continued in 2016 with the performance nicht schlafen on the work of Gustav Mahler. In 2018, he worked again with Fabrizio Cassol and Alain Platel on the Requiem pour L, a successful project that has had a total of more than 100 performances worldwide since 2018.

Boule's current musical projects are influenced by all the travelling he has done in his life and everything he has experienced. He calls it "mixed music". You will definitely find African roots in the vocals, but also in the compositions. You recognise Congolese rumba and afrobeat To which pop, salsa and other rhythms are added to create a unique sound. Boule Mpanya has collaborated with many international artists such as Rokia Traoré, Marie Daulne (ZAP MAMA), Fabrizio Cassol, Fredy Massamba and Bodhi Satva.

update January 2023

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