Anna Dujardin

Anna Dujardin is a performer, with a broad interest in the arts such as poetry and illustration. In recent years, she mainly focused on the performing arts. She is currently taking a professional dance course at Platform-k. In that partnership, she danced along as a performer for A BIGGER THING at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen directed by Lisi Estaras.
Last year, she starred in Sahar Rahimi's Het Narrenschip, a production by NTGent, Monster Truck & Platform-K that toured internationally. She also participated in several workshops, such as the summer schools at P.A.R.T.S led by Benjamin Vandewalle, Out of the Toolbox, X-WEEK P.A.R.T.S,...

Dujardin has a strong creative spirit, art. Dujardin possesses a strong creative spirit, artistry and expression. She also displays artistry through visual arts and poetry, which she integrates into her work. From Dujardin's core ambition to further develop her own artistic identity, she takes a key role in the development of TWOTFAM.

update June 2023

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